7 Management Tips

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1. Smaller Teams Within Teams – Especially of you have a large team to begin with; make up teams of 3 or 4 to take care of an aspect of the department.  It gets them involved and gives them responsibility that is important but not overwhelming.

2. Show Your Enthusiasm – be proud and tell them.  Have an up mood.  Get excited about your team doing a great job. Employees follow the lead of the manager.

3. Be Specific Clear concise.  A question is asked — answer it until the employee is satisfied and understands.  Don’t make it too short like you don’t have time but also don’t make it so long winded that the employee gets bored.  Employees want to know the answer but don’t want to be talked to for long periods of time.  Human attention really is about 20 minutes of listening only.

4. Assign Projects In Parts – If there are a lot of things to get done, and there usually is, give it out a little at a time. There will be better understanding and they won’t get overwhelmed or frustrated.  They also will see progress and have accomplishments along the way.  It’s also easier to keep track of the progress.

5. Act quickly – It should be about correcting problems right away.  It should be about resolving issues. Instead of putting them aside and having time pass get rid of the issues.  The employees will appreciate it and this will also lessen frustrations.  It shows the manager cares and responds to issues.

6. Smile  Often –  Take a minute in the morning to stand at the entrance of your place of work and greet employees and staff as they enter the building or department. Thank them for being there. Smile. Look for the good.  It’s easy to see problems.  Look for what is going right.

7. Back to Basics  – The biggest thing is to never forget all if this is about humans. A hand-written and thoughtful thank you note goes a long way in rewarding employees.  Shake hands when congratulating someone.  At times order pizza for the team just to say thanks and for no other reason.  Know that humans have emotions and these will fluctuate but remind employees that customers have emotions too and the point of the work is to give amazing service to these customers.


The point of the tips is a reminder that people respond to positive feedback.  It is also the manager’s job to find ways to uplift the team and keep the team on track.  It is important that the employees get feedback but also see a regular person in the manager.  A person that cares, responds, and supports the employees.  They are very aware of who the boss is.  It’s having the human factor in conducting business for the simple reason that employees, managers, and customers are humans.  Employees take their cues from their managers.

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