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This program is geared to solutions for the frontline manager, the manager that has influence on about two thirds of any workforce.  It is developed from the frontline view.  When there is an issue or concern it has to be addressed at the source which is what this program does.  But there’s more – this program was developed to be implemented immediately at the manager’s location instead of sending manager’s away thus creating the habits that will last.  It can be done by a “Train the Trainer” or trained and implemented by From the Front Management coaches.  Certifications are available.  But whatever is decided – employee engagement must be addressed.

  • When you want the team to have a foundation
  • When frontline managers know their value
  • When it’s about mentoring and coaching
  • When employee engagement needs to be addressed
  • When training is about implementing solutions

The From the Front Management™ Training Program is the key needed to unlock the potential of your front line managers, giving them the tools required to reach the growth and revenue goals of your company.  The Program instills the Six Steps required to successfully bring each front line manager from being just a Manager to a Front Line Professional Coach.  The From the Front Management™ Training Program deprograms false assumptions about what a team is, removes barriers to team building, removes myths about what employees are really thinking, and teaches front line managers how to know their team members and the contribution they make towards the success of the company.

The From the Front Management™ Training Program teaches front line managers how to become an Inspirational Manager and to release the talent of team members and give them the freedom to succeed at their assigned tasks.  By becoming the foundation of the team, front line managers will put emphasis on serving the customer, which will lead to company growth and prosperity.  The Expectation of Greatness will flow throughout the team, and inspire each member to reach their full potential.

Included with all training:

  • On-going support :  unlimited emails during training and 6 months following training; phone calls by appointment
  • Tool Box:  Techniques and procedures for supporting the front line coach that are aligned with the training
    • Time management
    • Planning
    • Discipline
    • Accountability
    • Communication
    • Scheduling
    • Reviews
    • Investigations
    • Supplementary training for newly hired managers


The benefits of the From the Front Management™ training program include:

  • Excellent and confident managers who can build and lead the team, effectively organize work flow, and create a respectful work environment.
  • Development of employees; increased understanding that individual growth and success contributes to team success which translates into company success.
  • Improved communication, better informed employees.
  • Recognition from upper management that front line managers and employees are a valuable resource.
  • Effective training and on-going reinforcement.
  • Employee retention; reduced loss of talented employees.
  • Increased awareness in upper management of the value of investing in the front line and the positive impact of that investment.
  • Increased teamwork, cooperation and commitment at all levels.
  • Enhanced customer experience

To learn more about the From the Front Management™ Training Program , please click this linkFFM Training

…The ROI from professional coaching is even more astonishing. According to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives, the Economic Times reports “coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program cost as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction and 48% improvement in quality.” … – CBSNews

FFM Program  – take a look

Management Coaching –  training making frontline managers view the job in a true coaching manner.

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