Bad Bosses Do Exist

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Types of bosses that leave something to be desired:


Vain    There is a problem when a person cannot see another’s perspective.   Its bad enough is someone thinks he or she looks better than everyone else.  When that person, especially in a boss situation, makes the employees feel like they are inferior to the boss, there will be problems.  Most of the time it will be reverse disregarding.  The boss disregards the employees and the employees do the same.


Chaotic. Not good when a boss is hysterically disorganized. Examples, yes it really happened, calling meetings and forgetting to come.  When attending a meeting, and meandering around some idea of an agenda. A manager that is not interested in the dialogue and it became apparent that the boss wasted everyone’s time with not much if anything getting accomplished.


Exhibitionist. Boss that is loud. He either had no sense of just how loud he was — or he wanted us all to hear every phone call he made. Of course, while he was talking it was impossible for anyone else to get any work done. That many of these calls were personal didn’t help.


Indecisive. A boss that was always certain he was right — until he changed his mind, when he became right again. Every day was a different scenario. The fact that we all had to act on his decisions — and often undo yesterday’s work to fit in with today’s agenda — never seemed to bother him. What drove these changes of mind was never explicit or convincing.


Dishonest.  This is a big one.  A boss that avoids answering questions.  A boss that tells actual lies thinking the employees won’t find out.  A boss that talks about other employees when none of that information should be shared with other employees.  A manager that states things that are not true because the boss does not know the rules and procedures.



So what do you do when around a bad boss?


Wherever you are you have to remember that what you do is about your reputation.  People will notice your reactions and way of being along with the work you do.


1. Deliver the best project and work you can. Make sure you can be proud of what you do.



2. Identify areas for personal development. Extend your contacts, develop some area of expertise.  This has to do about you and has nothing to do with the boss.


3. Don’t attack. It’s tempting, when working for bad bosses, to attack them or to demonstrate in public how useless they are. Don’t wreck your reputation trying to wreck his.


4. Move on.   Working for a bad boss can be and probably is demoralizing, frustrating, and maddening. Get away as soon as you can.


Take care of you.  Do a great job.  People will notice the work you do other than your boss.  Go home being proud.  Keep a check on what you can tolerate and if necessary get a new more rewarding job.  People leave bosses at times.  It’s ok to transfer, find a new job, or to simply decide that a bad boss won’t stop your great work.

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