Solution Based Belief Statement – From the Front Management™

With the solution based belief in the potential of all employees From the Front Management™ integrates frontline managers through training into service, coaching, and meaningful roles in the ever changing business world. Contributing to the development of the whole person, From the Front Management™ affirms the process that allows frontline managers to be value-oriented and committed to those they serve through coaching, integrity, ethics, and business sense.

We believe:


  •  The frontline manager is valuable
    •   The frontline manager is the leader of the face of the company
    •   The frontline manager needs to be trained
    •   Respecting all employees should be the norm
    •   Frontline managers should be trusted
    •   Frontline managers should be allowed to make decisions
    •   Knowing how to have business relationship is key
    •   That a team is formed by attention and leadership
    •   In accountability
    •   In development of individual talents
    •   That employees must be responsible
    •   That frontline managers must be responsible
    •   That the company must be responsible
    •   Holding lines can be accomplished in a developmental manner. Passive confrontation
    •   Without relationships there will be no employee engagement
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