Dysfunctional Company

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To really solve a problem it needs to be identified first, here are seven signs of a dysfunctional company leadership:


I am better than you effect. When executives make decisions in without input or communication always separating themselves in their expansive offices, it creates a divide between management and employees. Though I have seen executives have lunch with employees, stop and talk in the hallway, hand out candy at Halloween, have frontline employee meetings, and allow employees to visit their offices for a few minutes unannounced.  Very impressive.

When executives overreact.  They overreact to some point and start yelling where employees or customers can hear as a show of power, or something, it does nothing but takes reputation down. Often the result of hallway meetings is a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and a loss of respect for the executive.

Never ending discussion. Committees are great and meetings are useful when there is direction.  When there is not it is a waste to continue to meet and get nothing done but talking.  If 3 months have passed and nothing has moved it is simply costing money, wasting time, and rather boring.

Independent department syndrome.  This is when teams, departments or entire divisions act as if they’re independent from the rest of the company and have to fight for everything they get at the expense of everyone else.  This causes a climate where working together is not prevalent.

Degrading anyone in public by the executive.   Usually happening when in a meeting.  The executive picks a director and makes sure everyone knows that a mistake was made and further demeans that it was unbelievable the director missed or made the mistake.  Especially harsh when done in front of these directors employees.   However the executive usually looks like the fool.

When employees are quiet.  Well they talk to each other but not to Human Resources or to management.  There is a fear of their jobs or they believe nothing will get corrected.  This is an immense sign that disengagement has occurred and people are getting through the day.  There also will probably be a retention issue soon if it has not already occurred.  This often comes from an aloof and unreachable executive.

Hopefully there is no company that has all of these.  But it is always great to take a look and make sure that any of the above events are not happening or getting corrected.


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