Employee Involvement

Many decisions are made in business day to day. As for the decisions of new clients or expansion, it is the executives of a business that make these decisions and certainly they have the information to do so. But in the every day workings of the organization there are hundreds of decisions going on every day. In any job an employee may have, it will be the procedure to ask a manager when a problem arises or for the employee to take care of the problem. This will come down to how well the employee is trained and how much trust management has in the employee. There is no problem with the employee reporting back the events of the day, but having the employee make decisions usually takes care of the customer faster.

When a decision has to be made about changing a procedure in the department, it may affect the entire business it is often beneficial to get ideas or feedback from the employees. This can be done in a meeting or by a survey. The employees are the ones doing the jobs and can often see that a problem may occur or suggest a slightly different way for the procedure or implementation of the procedure. This also empowers the employees and let’s them know they are valued. Instead of everything just being handed down, it lets them know they are part of the process.

Though I would not suggest this for every decision, the ones that directly and immediately affect the employees might be the ones that involve them a little. It should be the goal of any business to make employees feel a part of the business and that they matter.