Employee/Frontline Manager Relationship

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Are there relationships between employees and their frontline manager? Does this relationship matter? The answer of course is, there are relationships and whether they are good or bad relationships they matter a lot. Whether there are good relationships or bad relationships depends on management and the attitude of all involved.

The manager-employee relationship has a critical impact on performance. So why do companies often neglect to emphasize or provide training to help managers build this important connection?  Companies that don’t put emphasis on the importance of this relationship with frontline managers, or provide the necessary training, will eventually pay the price via the loss of good employees or reductions in performance.

Instead of a boss/employee relationship that is indicated by titles that companies use, should  instead be a developing/coaching relationship.  Employees are very aware of who the boss is and do not usually need to be reminded.  Employees want to do well and will do what is asked if the goals are understood. This is an important part of the frontline manager.  This manager needs to make sure goals are clear and concise.

As a manager make sure employees are aware that you have their best interest in mind along with the best interest of the company. This is done in several ways.

1.       One good way to do that is to inspire them by their surroundings. The first thing is you want to make sure you have proper equipment used in the utilization of their work. So you surround their work space with a quality environment that enhances productivity.

2.       Another way to do this is to put posters on the walls that are pleasant in the eye but not overpowering. They should have words of inspiration that show them you care about them and you want them to care about each other. You must always want to promote teamwork.

3.        Seminars are also a good way to do this because in seminars not only do they learn what they already know – they learn how to utilize new examples and fun ways to remember what they already know, which makes it easier for them as they are on the work floor and facing the stresses of any job.

4.        Humor is always something that is welcome and needed in the workplace, be it well focused. Have some fun.  Fun promotes a bond. It’s a good practice to allow laughter .

5.        Managers need to make sure that employees are properly trained and have all the resources they need to do the job well.

Management wants to keep their eyes open to see if and when stress arrives in employees. When it does, it’s very important to nip it in the bud. You do this kindly, professionally and pleasantly. This is the time to actively listen and help the employee correct the issue.


As an employee it  is important for you to make sure you are as accurate as possible in your work. Hold in high esteem the job that you have.  This and everything you do and say is your reputation. As well you need to appreciate your manager and all the responsibilities of this position.  The frontline manager is part of the team.

The point is this is far greater than, though important, reports and tasks.  With a good relationship the activities of the day will get completely and completely more smoothly.  It is how the employees are treated and supported.  It is also how the team functions.  A team with a great coach wants to succeed and give extra effort.  A team that is upset with the boss will slow down or have problems whether with attitude or performance.

Other than the employee/customer relationship this relationship, the frontline manager/employee relationship, is the next most important relationship of any company.

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