FFM Certification

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Certifications  –   Coaching

From the Front Management™ training program is certifying people in the program.

FFMTP is a training program for the frontline managers giving the tools and techniques that address employee engagement while having these managers be the foundation for their teams.  This program allows managers to get things done more easily and not have the job become or be 0verwhelming.   From the Front Management™ trains, coaches, mentors, answers questions and helps the now certified coaches teach others either individually or in groups.

After certification coaches can make money by teaching others in this program.  The coaches are Indepent Contract Coaches. They will have a coach assigned to them called Captains that will help them succeed, mentor, answer questions, and support.

There are a couple ways to make money.

Get someone to buy the program —-   you get 30% of cost of program.

Train someone in the programs    —      you get 70% of training cost.

Companies wanting the training are done on a case by case basis.  All proposals and billings are done by From the Front Management™.

But mostly looking for people that want to make a difference in management and teams whether used for their own teams or wish to train others.

Want to know more?    Just ask at:   info@ffmtp.com