Individual Coaching

You Can Make a Profound Difference
in the Life of an Entire Company

Imagine the impact a single low-level, Frontline Manager has over the lives of his or her 5 employees, and the impact those 5 employees can have on their families, their customers, and their company overall. Now imagine the impact of the pyramid that grows in a network of personal and business relationships, linking back to these Frontline Managers and how they lead their teams. 

Relationships between Frontline Managers and their staff is a key fundamental in doing business and meeting company goals, and these relationships are suffering in many companies.



Many Frontline Managers do not receive the proper training to effectively Lead their employees to success, and the company’s bottom line ultimately suffers along with the lives of all those involved.


The most influential members of your company’s team are your Frontline Managers. Ironically enough, the Frontline Managers are also the most costly members of your company when they do not perform well.

The Frontline, the company’s customer-facing foundation, is not getting the support it needs.

Now imagine the impact YOU could have on that Manager’s ability to lead their employees by training him or her to be an Encouraging Leader and Effective Manager.

clip_image001“Just getting certified in FFM’s Training System taught me more about leadership than I thought I knew from all my other trainings and seminars.  I know that I can make a bigger difference by helping a manager support his/her employees to have  fulfilling and productive jobs …” Celena

Chat with me, Celena, I’d  love to hear from you!

The Frontline Manager can be the Problem or the Solution.

You can be a part of that Solution.

We are seeking highly motivated and energetic, self-driven professionals with a hunger for success in their own business and a passion for helping others.

You will be provided with:

1.      Full and ongoing training and support in all aspects of the business.

2.      A simple and proven system to follow.

3.      Low initial investment.

4.      Incredible potential to make a fantastic income.

5.      An opportunity to make a difference in companies through improving the Frontline Managers’ abilities.

6.      No boundaries – you will have the ability to work from anywhere at any time, all you need is a computer and a phone.

7.      Lucrative compensation plan.

8.      You can easily get started TODAY!

You can make a real, Foundational Difference in today’s business world as a Professional Trainer and Coach using this new and innovative program.

From the Front Management ™ Training System

The Frontline Manager Solution

You can Become Certified to Train and Coach this Program!
You have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world you live in.

You can Help Unlock the Potential of Frontline Managers with our Individual Coaching model that focuses on the two cornerstones of extraordinary management:

Mindset and Relationships

From the Front Management ™ Training System

Why train with us?


The From the Front Management™ Training System sets the bar on leadership development and provides a training system that works for you to ensure Frontline Manager excellence. The program is specifically designed for the development and success of the Frontline Manager.


What does the certification training involve?


·         A professional Coach to guide you through the process of training and coaching others.

·         One-on-one weekly phone calls with a certified Coach of Coaches from FFM™.

·         The FFM™ Training Program manual with slideshows.

·         Professional and personal support from the entire FFM™ team of coaches.

·         An official certificate of completion once you have finished training.

·         Further training and certification to add to your resume.


Be the Solution, Make the Difference.
It’s up to you!

Questions? Contact an FFM Certified Coach

We’d love to hear from you.


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