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What do you want to accomplish? This is something that should be thought about and decided. Working at a company can advance careers, heighten reputations, assist in getting new jobs, and develop a person. Without knowing what is being worked towards and having a plan, making goals and especially taking action – nothing will happen. Yes the days will be worked and the job will get done but that is where it will stay. But there is another thing that will happen, time will go by quickly.

Most, if not all businesses are aware that goals are needed to keep things on track. There are meetings, planning, plans written and communication given on what to work towards. Often however this is completely about the company and what the employees need to accomplish. Even with plans companies or employees may get into ruts. The days are the same, the work is getting done, and there doesn’t seem too much out of the ordinary. People seem to relax in these situations and time passes. It seems like a pattern is formed that everyone kind of falls into. We often recognize when sports teams and athletes get in a rut.

No one can figure out why or pinpoint the reason and usually we are content to wait, at least for a while, for the person or team to come out of it. Sometimes a leader will mix things up to light the fire back up. Developing new and innovative ideas is important to keeping things moving. Though people like to feel comfortable in a workplace, too much comfort has drawbacks. There is little to look forward to as people go to work. Team members want to matter. Soliciting ideas and trying new things helps to keep the thinking alive and vibrant.

A workplace that is too routine makes employees dull. They want to know they are working towards the future. A manager also wants to know this. So having and mentoring a team towards success helps that manager reach personal goals. Each individual should be working towards the goals that will make work and life better. It is having the plan that will accomplish this as other members are also helped in achieving their goals. Individual goals and team goals all headed for the success each wants.

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