From the Front Management™ Training System   


From the Front Management™ Manual

This is the written program that can be used to by itself for self-development however is necessary for the certification process.  It is the program only and has no coaching associated with it.  As with any traning manual it is beneficial to read, learning the tools and techniques that are included.  Training manual only.

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From the Front Management™  Certification

The From the Front Management™ Training Certification is a program trained by our expert coaches that in the end certifies you in the FFM training program.   Upon being certified is when FFM coaches support you in becoming sucessful as an FFM certified coach.  This allows you to find and perform training at companies that want to enhance their frontline managers. Many trainings programs stop when the training is completed but here at FFM we want people to become a part of a company that is going after changing frontline management.  Want to know more –  Inquire at:   Ask questions of course but mostly just chat with one of our amazing coaches.

From the Front Management™ Training by Coach

The From the Front Management™ Training System takes the burden off of you as CEO and Business Owner and empowers your frontline managers to grow as professionals permanently and predictably. The system does the heavy lifting for you and takes the guesswork out of ensuring frontline managers do exactly what you expect them to do.  But it does more.  It takes the perspective of the frontline manager and gives the training they have asked for and wanted.Training whether individually or for frontline managers at company location to enhance mnagement skills.  This gives the tools and techniques to have a true coaching mindset.  This is taught and supported by our expert coaches to make sure the material is implemented.  Though this is NOT certifiation it gives everything needed to keep employees engaged .  This the training  that has the frontline manager be the foundation that teams must have to excel. This program has tools and techniques to allow the manager to be the foundation for the team while keeping them from getting overwhelmed.  It is geared towards bringing out the potential in the manager, the employees, and giving exceptional customer service.  This is implemented in house where the practice can be accomplished to have managers be comfortable and effective.  Support is given from FFM certified coaches throughout the process if needed. Certified coaches train the frontline managers in addressing employees engagement with tools and techniques to bring out potential in employees.  It is about training mangers to become the coaches that employees crave.  Solving the problems the frontline managers face.  A program with the view turned around.     Talk with us –

Life’s Dreaming (poems)  $7.50

A collection of poems taking a look at life.  Dreaming about what can be.

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Why team Fail – Things to Avoid    $7.50

This is tips about the things to avoid when dealing with teams.  There are certain aspects to stay away from that can actually become de-motivating to a team.

Team Building – Tips to Stay on Track   $7.50

There are many ways to get the team psyched up and ready to get the job done.  It’s about making the team feel important.

Twitter etc. – Don’ts       $4.50

There are some things that should not be dome on Twitter and may hurt your account or reputation.

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What Stops You?          $4.50

This is amazing area of life to look at and pay attention to when exploring because things can be stopping and isn’t corrected until a person becomes aware.

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Team Building- Myth or Magic?   $8.50

The philosophy behind getting the best from teams.  This is the thinking about how far can a team whether business, volunteer, virual, or sports actually go?  Team are diversified by nature — what are the ways to bring the team together and work towards the same goal?