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Concerned Employees

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    Company leaders have given much attention to employee engagement to enhance their bottom lines. It is a widely discussed topic. Administrators look for tools and programs, such as volunteer and giving programs, that will increase employee engagement. Though these programs are great and may be useful they are programs that are outside of […]

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Rewarding Mediocrity – The Disconnect

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Have you ever experienced poor customer service?  I’ll bet that at least 99.9 % of the people reading this article will answer yes.  Now I suppose most of the time many of us will pass that off as just a bad day or one bad employee.  Perhaps it is and yet if most people have […]

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Employee Engagement: What’s in a Word?

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The words “employee engagement” are being used (or possibly over-used) in recent discussions in the business community regarding employee attitudes and performance in the workplace.  A word or phrase repeated often enough becomes the “ buzz word” of the moment.  What happens next is that the word or phrase loses value and we feel justified […]

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Employee Involvement

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Many decisions are made in business day to day.  As for the decisions of new clients or expansion, it is the executives of a business that make these decisions and certainly they have the information to do so.  But in the every day workings of the organization there are hundreds of decisions going on every […]

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