Team Maintenance

 Let’s say that everything is being done to build an excellent team, communication is clear, individual skills are recognized and utilized, goals are defined, the jobs are getting done, and most of the time things are running smoothly. Seems like this team doesn’t need much attention at all, right? Wrong. However, when using the thought of maintenance, it is much less time consuming. Instead of being in a building the team mode, at least until the next level comes along, I view it as a correction mode. All teams have times when things are just the same. No new things for a little bit of time. Usually this means that everyone relaxes a little, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if time and energy are taken away from the leadership things will start to slip. It’s just human nature to get a little bored and not be as sharp. Unless leadership stays in the corrective mode. This is not a discipline mode but instead simply a reminder of the little things that might slip or get missed. Like a simple tune up.

First of all it shows the leader is still and always involved. It shows the leader hasn’t relaxed but still cares about the every day jobs. It shows attention to the crew. And it shows that what is done matters. But this can be and should be done in a calm manner without a blaming attitude. The reason is that you want to show that people are human but you still believe in what they do. Use you leadership qualities of being clear and concise, being brief, noticing the good, never lying, staying calm, saying than you, and reminding that it all needs to get done. But especially make sure the team knows that you are their biggest fan.

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