The Key to Exceptional Customer Service – By Janna Evans

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Employees who directly interact with customers are the most important part of your company or business. These front line employees provide the “first impression”. And we all know that you typically don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. What is being communicated by your front line? A front line employee can:

Build a relationship or destroy one

Actively listen or act like they are listening

Genuinely care or care less

Meet a need or deepen a need

Draw a smile or draw a frown

Lift a spirit or kill a spirit

Make a sale or kill a sale

Keep customers coming back or keep them from coming back


If you take care of your front line, they will take care of your customers. If you trust, value, and respect your employees they will respect and value the customer. As an employer you are placing all of your trust on your front line. Have you given them the tools to be successful?


1.       Are they educated about up-to-date policies, procedures, regulations?

2.       Are changes communicated all the way down before chaos sets in?

3.       Are employees empowered to make decisions?

4.       Do employees receive feedback regularly?

5.       Are obstacles to success removed immediately once informed?

6.       Do your employees know you care?

7.       Do you make their day so they can make the customer’s day?


If you are having problems with customer service or retention of customers, start here! Most likely there is something missing within the front line. When was the last time you invested in your front line employees, or assessed the existing level of employee engagement? Ignoring the front line can lead to burn out, mediocrity and poor customer service.


The From the Front Management™ Training Program is the key needed to unlock the potential of your front line managers and increase your level of customer satisfaction and retention. What makes our program different? We provide 6-months of training/coaching on-site at your place of business. We ensure that the techniques are not only learned but implemented. After the initial 6 months, we provide an additional 6 months of assistance. We ensure theories and principles are implemented before ending the program. Check us out at and give us a call! We would love to have a conversation!


  • Valaine Hoffmann says:

    In these times of declining prosperity and success, we need, more than ever to engage our employees on an individual basis. These principles described above can and will not only empower your employees to better reflect the culture of your business but to feel a part of your success and and continued improvement as a team

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