Tomorrow’s Leader Program




Tomorrow’s Leader Program


You will be handed a lot.  That is the reality.  An economy that is sluggish, companies that watch every dime, layoffs, and negative attitudes at times.  But you don’t have to accept that negativity.  You have the power inside you to get trained, to strive for more, to seek out opportunities, and to stand out from the crowd.


Job Readiness and Preparation programs assist students in preparing for the employment-seeking process and for the workforce as they progress through their high school, college, or simply young years.  Trainings take place after school, on weekends, and during summer vacation with a schedule decided by both the coach and the participant.  Students are trained and coached in the areas of effective communication, professionalism, self-branding, networking, resume building, application completion, interviewing, management skills for the front line manager, inspirational leadership, employee engagement, integrity, and other skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Students learn to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style. Tools and techniques are provided along with a winning mindset.

A coach is assigned to the participant for up to a year to ensure implementation of this training.



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It’s time to get prepared for your career.

It’s beneficial to have leading perspectives to excel at work.

Companies look for those that have training.

Interviewers want applicants that stand out from everyone else

Interview the company as much as they are interviewing you, know what to look for in a company where YOU wish to work.

  From the Front Management™

is dedicated to giving new young participants every tool. technique, advantage possible to become the leader needed today.


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 Companies want leaders.