What is Motivation

We talk about motivating people, but what really motivates people?

Is it seeing something they want that they will work towards? Is it the promise of getting something as a reward? Is it bettering ourselves? We already know that in business, raises in pay have short term affect. Even when attaining new better paying jobs it will only motivate for a few months.

People are in jobs or even daily routines, and things become the same or similar at times, so what keeps people going? Some might say that it is supporting themselves and family. Some may say that they enjoy their work? Some might say that they have to work and that’s the only reason. Some may say it’s just a part of life.

But I think people get motivated when they are helping or serving others. When people know that they make a difference. People get motivated when they are noticed. They want to keep going when they are thanked and appreciated. Some have inner motivation, I suppose everyone to a degree, but it also takes knowing that things that are done make a difference to someone. There is a great feeling that happens when we help others, when the customer is happy, when the work gets done.

Motivation comes from feeling accomplished in serving.