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What is the bottom line for any business?


How does any business ensure happy and satisfied customers?  Of course, everyone knows excellent Products… Services… Prices… are all important.  However, extraordinary Customer Service Makes the Difference.  How to attain extraordinary Customer Service?  Exceptional Frontline Employees and Managers make that Foundational Difference.  The Foundational Difference = Frontline Excellence and Engagement. 

Frontline Managers connect the dots between engaged employees and engaged and satisfied customers

The Frontline Manager can be the Problem or the Solution


The Frontline Manager Problem –

Disengaged Performance


What is the IMPACT of Disengaged Management?

  • Employee disengagement
  • High turnover
  • Mediocre business results
  • Poor customer service
  • Low performance
  • Customer complaints
  • Lost business
  • Minimum effort
  • Low morale
  • Lost revenues

Disengaged leaders rob you of the chance to be extraordinary

Tired of average results?



The solution is…

From the Front Management ™(FFM)

Training System



Employee groph - Business letter ffm

FFM Connects the Dots

Between Engaged Employees


Engaged & Satisfied Customers



Why us?

The From the Front Management™(FFM) Training System sets the bar on leadership development and provides a training system that works for you to ensure frontline manager excellence. The program is specifically designed for the development and success of the frontline manager. 


What sets us apart?


  • A Coaching Model specifically designed to develop frontline mangers into a highly skilled management team
  • A unique approach to training managers with specific pre-determined goals
  • Highly skilled “FFM Coaches”
  • Monthly in-house training
  • 1 Full Year of Individual Follow-Up Coaching to apply the training to real-time situations
  • Manager Toolkit
  • Customized strategies and customized solutions
  • On-site training to minimize time away from work
  • Enables frontline managers to “connect the dots” between engaged employees and engaged and satisfied customers.



The From the Front Management™ Training System will transform your management hassles and headaches into:


  • Managers who lead employees desired performance
  • A predictable, permanent solution for improving frontline manager results
  • A workplace that hums rather than struggles
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved employee performance
  • Decreased turnover costs
  • Improved employee morale
  • True frontline leader success leading to sustainable business results
  • A professional business connection with your employees through the frontline manager
  • Employees who are in sync and on board with your vision and strategy

Take Frontline Managers from DISENGAGED to EXCEPTIONAL by calling us today!


Unlock the Potential of Frontline Managers with our Individual Coaching Model that focuses on the two cornerstones of extraordinary management:


Mindset and Relationships


Easy to say but how do you get it done?


Send us an e-mail – talk it over with one of our coaches.






 “The program that Liz Cosline has developed addresses a problem that has affected the profits and productivity of businesses for the last half century. We know that management of employees is a difficult task but that is no reason to ignore the damaging effects it has on our business if it is not done properly.  Liz Cosline has addressed the problem from the proper angle to actually solve the problem and, in my opinion, implementation of her program has the potential to boost profits 30% by tuning your business team.”
Jeff Snader – MLU President

“Finally! Someone who knows how to solve the problem of unsatisfactory performance at the front line. In over 35 years in business, as a frontline employee, frontline manager, and as business owner, I have not seen a training protocol that has the relevance of “From the Front.” This system takes us back to basics. Rather than taking out a hammer to pound the frontline for improved performance (and, REALLY, has that even helped?), a training system that builds up the frontline managers and teaches them how to elicit top performance from their teams. Anyone who is frustrated with the frontline needs to take a serious look at this program.”

-Barbara Zaga, Owner and CEO, Glasstoration Technologies LLC

“Liz really ‘gets’ essential concepts around maximizing a team and the difference between management and true leadership.And it’s evident that she’s truly passionate about these concepts.”

-Judith Marie, Consultant Human Resources and Legal

From The Front Management Training System is destined to become the go-to survival guide for anyone who needs

From the Front Management Training System is the right combination of hard-hitting tools, information and resources that can be tailored to any work environment providing a quality driven, professionally written, comprehensive training program. If you are looking for a relevant, sustainable training system that will raise the level of performance within your team, I encourage you to get this program today!”

-Toni Reece, President, The PEOPLE Academy, Inc.